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By | January 22, 2017

In the event that the wonders had happened in so clear a path as to force individuals to accept, without permitting them to utilize their own energy of decision, then insight would have been left with no decision and there would have remained no importance in testing man in this life and in his being the noblest of creation invested with a through and through freedom and keenness.

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At the point when Usman Dan Fodio announced the Jihad in 1804, he was very little awed by the draw of political power as by honest to goodness craving to see Islam solidly settled in Hausaland. His absolutely religious thought processes could be found in the traditional example in which he indicted the Jihad and in the fifteenth statement of the shows which read in this way.

“And to make war upon the lord who is an Apostate who has not deserted the religion of Islam to the extent the calling is concerned yet blends the observances of Islam with the observances of heathendom, similar to the rulers of Hausaland generally is compulsory by consent and that to take the administration from him is additionally required by consent”.

Be that as it may, the question emerges in the matter of why in this statement, Fodio indicated at assuming control over the administration from the Hausa rulers in the occasions of their thrashings. Does it then imply that as indicated by his faultfinders, Fodio needed political control under the pretense of a religious revolt? Yet, it must be recollected that Islam is more than a religion.