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By | November 27, 2016

In old times, Arab was the country of many races. It is trusted that the immense Semitic individuals initially lived in Arabia and later on a few branches of individuals relocated to the Nile Valley and the Tiggro-Euphrates valley. The Ismailites were the remainder of the pilgrims in Arabia. They were relatives of Ismail, a child of Hazrat Abraham (Ibrahim). The Quraysh family, in which the prophet Muhammad was conceived, was a branch of the Ismailites. Ismail fabricated the place of Ka’ba, the blessed place of the Muslims.

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The abandon way of Arabia isolated the Arabs into various tribes and cultivated in them the soul of tribal patriotism and tribal autonomy. On account of this, the Arabs couldn’t shape one country in pre-Islamic days.The pre-Islamic period was the darkest age in mankind’s history. It was a period of numbness and disorder in the religious and social life on the planet.

The political, social and social life created by the people groups of the old world was broken by the Barbarians. The social and religious request sorted out by Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism had broken down. The general population had overlooked the perfect of their religion. Profound quality had fallen at low ebb. Defilement, narrow mindedness, oppression and wrangling of statements of faith and orders won all over the place. “Never ever”, says Ameer Ali, “was the need so awesome, the time so ready for the presence of a Deliverer.”

The pre-Islamic time of Arabia is known as Ayyam-i-Jahiliyah, signifying ‘the times of obliviousness’. Jahiliyah was, in truth, a time of crumbling, disruption and anarch in the life of the Arabs. Turmoil won in Arab political life moreover. The