By | January 3, 2017

Before we toss the infant out with the shower water, how about we consider an upgrade to CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, which was about the fallen angel’s methodologies to cheat us. The demon has something for everybody and in the cutting edge form, Christians can without much of a stretch perceive how activist Islam is against Christ.

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It’s too simple to overlook Dave Hunt’s A Woman Rides the Beast. His title from Revelation 17 clarified the mistress (not the lady of the hour of Christ) who is included with lords and governments, an affluent church decked with gold and valuable stones, wearing red, the shade of cardinals, and sitting on seven slopes (Rome). She is a mistreating church, “tipsy with the blood of holy people” and a mother church-mother of prostitutes who are unfaithful-they no longer challenge what their organizers dissented.

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This prostitute is likewise “the Mother of Abominations.” Converted Jesuit minister, Alberto Rivera indicates how Rome strategized to coach youthful Muhammed by Catholic Khadija which clarifies the consistent theme of Mary and Fatima to both religions. (Mother of Abominations)

In any case, while Islam made war on Jews and Evangelical Christians in the Holy Land as arranged, they neglected to offer Jerusalem to the pope, henceforth the Crusades to get it again from unbelievers and a biting scorn of Islam for Christians and a flawless setup of them as “antichrist.”