By | January 3, 2017

Islam began with Ismal (Ishmal) who went into the forsake as a bowman; that is an executioner. He was the child of Abraham, which is a bended type of ‘O-b-ra-m’ or ‘circle bearing effective mother’. The circle is the place the sun-star showed up as an extraordinary ponder and, along these lines, god.

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The star was called “Mari” or “Mary” and this is recorded in antiquated content and in the city named after it whose remaining parts are discovered 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. It is additionally in dialect and names like ‘sun-mary’ offered ascend to “rundown” while ‘mary-gold’ is the sun bloom. ‘Maxi-mum’ and ‘small mum’ are estimations in view of the Mother God and ‘smaller than usual star’ offered ascend to “pastor” for a religious educator.

The sun sets in the west and it is the place of the little star after it. Accordingly the introduction of ‘west-min-star’ or ‘Westminister’, and the place of the British Parliament. ‘Dad star’ or ‘father star’ offered ascend to “minister” for an evangelist. Father God happened when men considered they could “wed” Mary and ascend with the sun to be her mate.

There is a bunch of these associations connecting the religions to the occasions in Babylon where the Mother God’s five-pointed star was engraved on the Islamic banner. It sits on the shoulders of officers, on the symbol for law, over parliament, and even over the Kremlin. Mary is known as the ‘Star of Heaven’, ‘Star of Hope’, and ‘Sparkling Star, consequently.