Rain of animals

By | November 29, 2016

My insight did not occur coincidentally or seek but rather was coordinated by the Spirit of the Universe taking after my resurrection. That experience gave me understanding into what happens after death. It additionally permits me to proclaim that there is no paradise or hellfire, villain, holy messengers or holy people. The last are props and creations to clarify secrets for which there were no arrangements before proof exhibited. That must now incorporate the way that everybody who ever lived in back in their bodies prepared for judgment.

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That is pronounced in the Old Testament, particularly in Daniel 12:13, where the Spirit has guaranteed that all future uncovered by the day’s end. The New Testament has abrogated the genuine God while advancing the false one as certified. That implies that many are new to the predictions that uncover the arrangement of God.

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Many are, in any case, acquainted with the 2 monsters of Revelation and the one that bears the number 666. His character was appeared to me in a dream when CONSTANTINE IS 666 stood not yet decided before my face. It was a piece of the expectation to absorb information the Spirit put me through when uncovering reality about the day of the ruler. A dream indicated it to me in startling clarity.

A line extended before me path into the separation. From where I stood a brilliant light all of a sudden rose and angled over the line to the most distant end of it. There in huge capital letters was EVE. In the center was NOON and there it was totally dull. In my position was EVENING. Along the line were individuals and they assembled for the most part in the center and achieved upwards to a man on a cross.