Real Angel Has Fallen

By | November 30, 2016

I think about whether Gov. Taft understood that those same Muslims he was consoling would not welcome him in their holiest city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

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As a Christian, Gov. Taft would be prohibited to try and enter the city! I think about whether those earnest Christians who as of late circumnavigated the mosque in Perrysburg Township, petitioning God for its assurance, acknowledge they would be peasants in Muslim nations, where their non-Muslim status, alongside Jews, is known as dhimmi. Hindus and other “heathen” status is lower and is referred to as kaffir/unbelievers.

I think about whether Gov. Taft has ever gone by the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the site of Solomon and Zerubbabel’s sanctuaries and where Jesus and his followers educated and supplicated, where, as a Christian, the senator would viciously be illegal to implore or read the Bible as a result of the Muslims who involve Judaism’s holiest site.

I think about whether those concerned Christians understand that the alleged Mosque of Omar, the Dome of the Rock, has cites from the Koran taunting Christians for trusting that Jesus is divine. Christians and Jews are compelled to pay an extra charge to the Muslims (to upkeep the wonderful evil entity) in the event that they need to see where our dad Abraham was set up to give up his child, Isaac.

I’m additionally helped to remember the time when I lived in Perrysburg Township and had “Palestinian” neighbors (from Kuwait, Lebanon and Jordan) and we resembled family, since we were in every others’ flats constantly the time. Each time relatives originated from abroad they would have me run with them to the nation to discover a sheep to purchase and butcher for a devour (and I was to stay silent about their American lady friends and hold their alcohol for them). We even had a parade of three carloads going to see the Sear’s Tower in Chicago, and I was the main fair American male among them wearing a Jewish star.