Rescue Three from Flooded River

By | December 14, 2016

With a specific end goal to satisfy Israel’s Arab neighbors, the West gave the staying 90% of Greater Israel to Islamic people groups bunches.Generally, while Western countries have frequently credited with a honest inspiration in giving the Promised Land back to Israel, they basically separated God’s territory up for national pick up. How could they pick up you may inquire.

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Through the Petrodollar framework!More prominent IsraelIn the event that you recall your history, the Petrodollar framework was made amongst America and oil rich Islamic “countries” that were recently made after World War 1. These countries exist inside the fringes portrayed by God as “More prominent Israel.

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This implies the oil stores of these Islamic countries were initially planned for and legitimately have a place with Greater Israel.Indecent ProfitsBy the by, the U.S. what’s more, their oil rich Muslim “countries” have took foul benefits from the oil saves lying under the ground of land given to Israel from God as the Promised Land.

These Muslim countries pump the oil, with American help, and offer it on the worldwide market in return for U.S. dollars. The Muslim countries keep the benefits of the oil while the U.S. dollar benefits by keeping up its worldwide save status through this simulated request.