River turns into blood

By | January 3, 2017

separate by articulating the word Talaq 3 times. The truth of the matter is that in India 92% of the Muslim ladies need triple Talaq to be nullified, however the Muslim law board overwhelmed by men who live in the sixth century has not acknowledged the supplication to nullify triple Talaq. In a decision on 2 September, the Law board has maintained the legitimacy of triple Talaq to the overwhelm of a huge number of Muslim ladies. It was, in any case, an acknowledged choice remembering the attitude of the Muslim men saturated with obscurantism.

This is one of the saddest parts of Islam and I consider how ladies in Islam can live with such laws drifting around including the one of having 4 spouses. My woman assistant in my office who works my server farm is a Muslim and she has communicated her supposition that Islam must change and be more sexual orientation touchy. In what capacity can there be an arrangement of laws favoring men to the detriment of ladies she inquires.

The well known essayist Taslima Sharif has likewise voiced her restriction to these sex segregation laws and required the Koran to be changed however that is an outrageous stride. Her bombast had a negative outcome and Muslim pastors passed a Fatwa against her and asking that she be executed. She needed to escape from Bangladesh and now lives in Indi

Tragically, the men who give off an impression of being living in the sixth century don’t concur and that is one reason that absence of education is greatly high among Muslim ladies and numerous simply carry on with their life as a tyke bearing machine.