Romantic Nurse Ke Sath

By | January 11, 2017

Babylon was fabricated and possessed by the Amors. Their next Capital was Mari and after that Roma (invert Amor). As they struck, attacked, commanded and ousted whole groups their effective divine beings ran with them. The ziggurat of the antiquated world was supplanted by the meeting lobbies of the cutting edge on which the cross and seven light show up.

The banner of Islam is the five-pointed star supported in the arms of the moon and the number 5 is additionally connected with ” her’. The image for that number is a constriction of the twin circles of the number 8 that speak to her with her mate.

The men of the antiquated city stylised the star into a lady that they longed for mating with. For that cause they kicked the bucket on crosses at sunrise to ascend with the sun-star into her interminable kingdom. It is from this thought the Father God was conceived, which in the long run would supplant the Spirit. Patriarchy was brought forth through the custom of ‘wed’, which is from ‘Mary’.

Ladies couldn’t be mated to her thus they were consigned to the low position of being tyke bearers and little else. Men could now ascend to the place they devised as their reward for staying with the Mother God.