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By | November 23, 2016

Pakistan is a little nation however it is dependably in the news. Sadly for the most part it is in the news for the wrong reasons however most recent version of Asian Games held in China brought parcel of uplifting news for Pakistan. Individuals of Pakistan had something to cheer for after quite a while.

Hockey is the national round of Pakistan. Dreary execution in various universal occasions has seen Pakistan’s hockey getting down. It required some considerable triumph at the worldwide level to resuscitate itself. Last version of World Cup in the neighboring India saw the most exceedingly terrible execution by Pakistan’s hockey group in its history. It prompted to parcel of shout.

Asian Games began and Pakistan Hockey Federation was trusting that Green Shirts would perform well in the recreations. Pakistan has not won Asian Goals since 1990. It was high time for Pakistan Hockey and players needed to convey. It was do or pass on circumstance for alliance and players.

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Pakistan got to a decent begin against minnows Hong Kong and their first test came against most despised opponents India. It was profoundly foreseen coordinate. The outcome was 3-2 for India. It made part of frustration back home and individuals desires brought down. The outcome additionally implied that Pakistan needed to face South Korea in Semi Final.

Semi Final was one of the best hockey coordinates ever played. The outcome was 1-1 after typical time and the score line stayed unaltered after extra time. The amusement was compelled to be chosen by Penalty Shoot Out. The outcome after 5 Penalty Shoots was 3-3. The diversion was to be chosen by Golden Goal. For Pakistan Sohail Abbas came.

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