Saint playing with honors of women

By | January 8, 2017

With the sun as Mother God their aspiration was to ascend into the sky and “wed” her, whose name was ‘Mary’. My exploration into semantics took me to the early hints of dialect and to the cause of words from the sounds connected with pictures.

The enormous stun is that Islam began in Babylon with Mary and the sun as the main God, and nothing has changed. Numbness and teaching have kept admirers oblivious, in a manner of speaking, while the countries that have developed from it are shut to outside impact.Youngsters who are affected with religion from the begin and whose brains are diverted into having faith in the myths grow up with similar cravings and convictions that suite the foundation.

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One of those convictions is that in the event that they pass on serving “Allah” (a name for the sun) they will love always in its kingdom. “Allah” is from ” el-a’ where “el” is an old term for “god” and “a” for power. It is the reason it is utilized as a prefix before names.

The pecking order utilizes this influence to pull the series of fear mongers who are customized to complete mass murder. They have long overlooked their underlying foundations in sun adore and the sloppy waters have brought perplexity and despise against anybody they see as restricting their “divine beings” or convictions.

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