Salman Khan to Nana Patekar

By | November 29, 2016

The yearning to mix things up and make 3 world wars happen started as far back as the mid to late 1800’s. An archived case as evidence of this can be found as a letter composed by Albert Pike, a world driving Freemason and agenteur of the shrouded controllers running the planet. Essentially, the letter to kindred Freemason Guiseppi Mazzini (mafia organizer) plots the need to subtly fabricate three world wars by isolating and mixing up religious and political contrasts between countries: Zionists (condition of Israel) V’s Arab Moslems, and energize association from partners.

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sympathizers… i.e., those taking sides then participate with the contention.Pike expressed there would be shared demolition of the numerous countries included. A social upheaval and pagan world frustrated with religion including Christianity would soon take after.

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There are numerous cases where high-positioning Freemasons have indicated intensions to decimate Christianity.”On the off chance that with a specific end goal to obliterate all Christianity and religion, recall that the end legitimizes the methods.

Those we have taken to convey humankind from religion, are nothing else except for a devout misrepresentation which we will sometime reveal.” (Adam Weishaupt)The actualised ‘Conventions of Zion’ give encourage bolster for proposed concealment of Christianity.