Sana Khan Died

By | December 18, 2016

India has battled four noteworthy wars over the issue of the questioned POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). Pakistan is probably not going to have the capacity to win a routine war against India. Consequently, Pakistan has professedly turned to sending psychological oppressors into Kashmir, calling them flexibility contenders. This remains constant all through the world: one side’s fear monger is another side’s opportunity contender. All around, the effect of psychological warfare has been expanding since al-Qaeda framed partnerships with existing fear based oppressor associations. The ascent of pressures and the approaching risk of atomic war amongst India and Pakistan have set off a mass migration of remote nationals from India and Pakistan.

I, in the same way as other others was conceived amid the 1939/42 war. I have observed only human clashes for the duration of my life to date finishing in the present human catastrophes being established out in the Middle East. I now have not the scarcest uncertainty that over my residual years to come I will see a great many repeats of the same.

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In the event that the base components of the universe and cosmic systems administer the framework of planet earth and thus all life shapes on it, then any confidence in a God or Gods seems superfluous to me. I can positively acknowledge that for untold millions, a faith in a God an extreme incomparable constrain, can bring incredible solace and help them experience their lives.

Be that as it may, there is still a noteworthy extent of mankind that view God and the man made religions that have been worked about him more as a semi business showcase environment in which they can perpetrate the most awful of wrongdoings under unverified cases, they are approved to do, as delegates of God.