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By | November 27, 2016

In the event that the Muslims overcome the world it will probably be through invasion instead of brutality. Western governments are frightened by their developing Islamic citizenry, and honestly are at a misfortune in the matter of what to do about it. This shows a fascinating problem for the west, especially the United States who has faith in the right to speak freely and religion.

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It is not in any manner nonsensical to expect the Muslims will in the end outperform the Christian dominant part and assume control state governments, both places of Congress, the Presidency, lastly the Supreme Court. For a minute, we should accept they are fruitful under this situation. Presently the question gets to be, would they annul the American Constitution? Clearly, this would mean a change to the America we know today.

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Presently, America is undoubtedly not a religious state. It regards and permits all religions expecting they comply with the rules that everyone must follow, e.g., no penances or polygamy. Be that as it may, the adherents of Islam trust theirs is the main genuine religion and the problem has thus been identified. Would a U.S. government ruled by Muslims maintain the Constitution or change it subsequently adjusting their loyalties to their religion? In the event that they did, one needs to ponder who might then be building up strategy for the nation, ourselves or somebody from the Middle East.

In the event that the last mentioned, this would be seen as a horrendous circumstance and the Christian minority would revolt (accepting they were still possessing their weapons). As an aside, this is a key motivation behind why the composers of the Constitution gave the subjects the privilege to remain battle ready, for simply such an event.