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By | January 3, 2017

They had an indistinguishable religion and a similar Mother God from those of Babylon until Constantine built up the Catholic Church in the year 325. He made Mary the Mother of God, which puts her in an unrivaled position so that each Catholic goes to her. This was a smart strategy.

As a head of some note Constantine had the ability to increase sole decide over the Empire that had beforehand required five sovereigns to control it. He did it through the Vatican which he worked as a parliament of priests to acquire everybody line. They had the nearby information of the way of life and dialects of the general population all through the locale under his control, which despite everything they have.

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The Vatican requested Augustine Bea, Bishop of Alexandria, to frame another branch of Islam to move down and bolster the Catholic Church. He did it through Mohammed, an accomplice of his parishioner. He then prepared him as a prophet and potentially he and Jerome composed the Koran.

Jerome accumulated the New Testament with the assistance of Augustine and he noted in his journal and letters how he did it and afterward changed the dialect of the association to Latin to dodge examination by the Jews.