Saudi government punishes national culprits

By | December 26, 2016

Muhammad Ali then tries to help her by recommending that he can get a fake international ID for her. Disturbed, Miss Rehana leaves Muhammad Ali and goes to get her allow. When she turns out grinning, Muhammad Ali accept that she acquired the allow. She says to him that she expected to get the allow on the grounds that she had an orchestrated marriage to an old man.

who lives in England. In any case, then she proceeded by saying that she didn’t get the allow, in light of the fact that she didn’t take after his recommendation. However she is still glad since she would not like to go to England and get hitched to the old man.

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“Solid counsel is Rarer than Rubies” respects the residential area individuals of India who have various attributes. The fundamental character is the youthful delightful young lady, Miss Rehana. This is not ordinary in Rushdie’s works in light of the fact that the hero of his stories is normally a male figure (Ahmad 1323).

“Miss Rehana’s eyes were huge and dark and sufficiently brilliant not to require the assistance of antimony, and when the exhortation master Muhammad Ali saw them he felt himself getting to be distinctly youthful once more” (Rushdie 5). The men tend to grovel over her as a result of her alluring