Saudi social media users defend woman

By | December 8, 2016

The reason for life as observed ought to in this way be to live in amicability with nature, to build up our own and profound potential, and to know about and to show the intrinsic godlikeness inside every one of us. This remains constant for each one and for each religion. Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Bahai, Christianity, each other religion the idea of deep sense of being is the same.

Otherworldly existence involves pensive reflection intended to convey the professional to the point of clearing his physical body voluntarily, blend his brain into Universal Mind domain and stay in his or her unadulterated profound shape as a Spirit (of God) in its unblemished nature and after that navigate higher profound planes until one re-converges into perfect union with the Supreme Being and turned out to be unified with that Being even as despite everything one abides in this world doing his work and dealing with family and social obligations.

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The media keep utilizing the expression: “Islamic radicals” alluding to psychological militants and any Islamic viciousness against “unbelievers” or significantly sibling Muslims. A Christian Iraqi minister was cited as being “at a misfortune to comprehend the savagery” and, pondered on “what religious guise these psychological militants work.”

There is no puzzle about this “radical” brutality. These Muslims are faithful to what their prophet, Mohammed, has coordinated from Allah in the Quran. They are not “radicals.” They accept and live and comply with the “appearances” from their Holy Book.

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