Scholar Explains Punishment in Grave

By | December 16, 2016

It contained nations of different dialects, societies and an assortment of convictions that brought about an unending level of contention and perplexity. In spite of the fact that the main “god” worshiped at the time by the lion’s share was the sun the frameworks of confidence created by the different countries was generally unique.

Alexander the Great who existed around six hundred years prior considered that the most ideal approach to bring individuals under control was to draw in their religious assets. He requested that everybody talk a similar dialect, Aramaic. He then authorized Ptolemy, his satrap in Alexandria, to create a book to cover the convictions of the time.

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Assembling around seventy men from the House of Judah for the assignment they gathered the Septuagint. The title implies seventy men. The book of scriptures has this to state of that work.

“What’s more, there remained before them seventy men of the people of old of the place of Israel (this ought to be Judah as Israel had disappeared)… At that point he conveyed me to the entryway…