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By | December 24, 2016

At last, I contradict any US military activity in Iraq because of the impact of Pope Francis, who encouraged the Church and the world to petition God for peace in Syria and the Middle East a year ago. As the consequent unforeseen development demonstrated, petition is sufficiently intense to change the course of history. Iraq needs more supplication, not more bombs.Most importantly, we have to petition God for peace in Iraq and all through the Middle East.

I concur with an Iraqi cleric that the present circumstance in Iraq can be best settled by a solid pioneer who can re-bring together and force arrange on the nation, pulverizing the guerrillas and re-building up it as a mainstream Arab nation, while regarding the natural privileges of all the Iraqi individuals. At the end of the day, Iraq needs to come back to its status before the 2003 intrusion, except for more noteworthy opportunity and regard for human rights.

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Be that as it may, we should quit attempting to foist our own Western example of equitable government on Iraq, and we should regard the desires of its kin. An old Arab saying says, “Better a hundred years of oppression than one day of rebellion.” Iraqis would rather be represented by a harsh despot who keeps arrange than survive the bad dream of political agitation they are at present encountering.

What Iraq needs at this moment is not more fighting, even of the constrained kind. What it needs is supplication and fasting for the transformation of heathens and for peace. As the likelihood of yet another US military intercession in the Middle East weaving machines the skyline, we have to drop divided legislative issues and belief system so as to listen with a receptive outlook to what the general population of Iraq need to say in regards to their circumstance; to gain from the knowledge of our Popes and ministers; and to reevaluate and completely dismiss our unbeneficial post-9/11 US outside approach of War on Terrorism.