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By | January 14, 2017

With the development of the Khows, Khowar Language additionally spread far and wide. As Khows had grasped Islam before this development, they descended the nation as a more socialized individuals, and the Kalash were no match for the. Khow amazingness was entrenched in the lower Chitral amid the early years of the Seventeenth Century.

The quelled Kalash individuals quickly changed over to Islam. Enslavement of Kalash by the Khows frantic made profound engravings on the Kalash culture. The greater part of the Kalash people group who changed over to Islam in square, moved to the Khowar Language also. In this manner Khowar turned into the overwhelming dialect of the entire nation.

Some side valleys in the south held their own particular dialects, however as time passed, Khowar made advances to these valleys. Today Khowar is talked in each side of Chitral. The people group, who have protected their own particular dialects, utilize it as a moment dialect.Khowar is a quite old dialect, with a major store of people writing.

Society tunes and people stories have been described in this dialect for a long time, yet nothing was saved in composed frame. Some early artists attempted to compose Khowar verses in the Persian Script, however Khowar has numerous extra sounds for which there are no characters in Persian.