Shaadi k waqat aai afaat

By | January 28, 2017

On Sept. 16, 1982, individuals from the Lebanese Christian Phalange state army – with direct endorsement and support of then-Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon – entered Sabra and Shatila and started a 36-hour long ambush, which brought about the passings of a large number of unarmed Palestinian and Lebanese regular citizens.

Columnist Robert Fisk, who was on the scene on September 19, 1982, revealed seeing the “darkened assemblages of infants hurled into trash stacks nearby disposed of U.S. armed force apportion tins, Israeli armed force hardware and discharge jugs of bourbon.”

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The babies had been shot in the head. Some had their throats opening. Scores of men had been shot in the back of the head or ruined by tomahawks. Ladies had been assaulted. Pregnant ladies had embryos torn from their bodies.

The United Nations, which issued a formal assertion of genocide in 1982, likewise calls the Sabra and Shatila slaughter a standout amongst the most appalling occasions in the twentieth century.