Shameful Acts in An Educational institute

By | January 15, 2017

Religion and Science is a point that has pulled in a huge measure of consideration as of late. It has turned into a meeting point for researchers, scholars and scholars in an extremely useful manner. As indicated by Oxford lexicon the word religion implies ”confidence in a superhuman controlling force particularly in an individual God or divine beings qualified for submission and adore” and has been depicted all things considered by many individuals.

The word science originates from the Latin “scientia,” which means learning. I ought to get a kick out of the chance to stress, that I utilize the word science to mean learning which has been soundly settled. It does exclude the hypotheses which, for a period, clarify a marvel or a progression of wonders, just to be surrendered later on for different clarifications. These fresher clarifications have turned out to be more conceivable because of logical advance.

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Vocal materialistic researchers, for example, Richard Dawkins, have as of late, forcefully hawked the possibility of religion and science as being in an interminable condition of contention. These convictions are normal. Many instructed nonbelievers have convictions comparable thusly and the time has come for these and different misguided judgments are cleared.

Firstly if religion and science are in strife which religion specifically? Is it Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity? Also what is implied by “”struggle”” in this unique situation? Lastly what ”science”?