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By | February 10, 2017

We need to re-apply the standards of morals, ethical quality, class and most profound sense of being. The test is; first we should apply it to ourselves, our nations, our groups, our masaajid and our own families.Religious pomposity and limited focus patriotism needs to take a rearward sitting arrangement to guideline and Islamic world morals. On the off chance that the Muslim people groups ever hope to recover world initiative it will just happen if confidence, profound quality and otherworldly vision is reinserted in our constitution.

Islam has dependably been and will dependably be our best item. Were we to apply an ethical spectrograph to ourselves, we would find that we have been overshadowed on many fronts in keeping up good measures.Sometime we should address the profound ailments which pulverize our ethical fiber. There is no deficiency of issues whereupon the Muslim umma can differ and battle about. Be that as it may, there are numerous different issues whereupon many, if not most us discover shared view.

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The majority of the Muslims concur that profound quality is superior to corruption. The greater part of us concur that there should be an assumption of security from each other. What’s more, most can concur that sectarianism is not to the greatest advantage of the Muslims. Most in my modest estimation would concur additionally that debasement and misappropriation of assets ought to never again be the standard in Muslim nations. Most would likewise concur that all the more should be done to address, the issues identifying with poor people, the powerless, the destitute and the down and out among us whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim.

There must be a key change in the way we work. The silly and counterproductive culture of religious and ethnic based sectarianism needs quick and finish elimination.

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