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By | January 9, 2017

The sovereign was an Amorite and plunged from the general population who possessed Babylon. That implies he was Islamic and he utilized an indistinguishable strategies from Isil or the Taliban do today to compel changes to Islam. It is the religion of the sun and its main god was Mary, the Mother God, demonstrated on the sun-star. Its image is the 4-point star that sits on the banner of Islam and over the law courts, military foundations, and numerous nations and governments.

Constantine was appeared to me in a dream when these words remained noticeable all around before my face: CONSTANTINE IS 666. It took after commissions given to me by the Spirit taking after my rebirth and information that paradise and damnation are myths. A mandate was given when the power hit me and bound me so I couldn’t move a muscle. I was advised to: “tear down the mass of temples and bring back the youthful.”

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This is God’s guarantee for the most recent days. The religious supporters trust that everybody will revive toward the end; yet that is not what it implies. The dead are now strolling and they represent the gigantic populace that involves a packed world. Everybody who has lived is back due to resurrection and entry from life to life. Nobody has the psyche of God and ready to comprehend what the arrangement is aside from the one given the data by the Spirit.

Taking after my rebirth and with a solid get a kick out of the chance to the Spirit of the Universe, the unparalleled God, it dispatched me to ‘tear down the mass of places of worship and bring back the youthful.’ To finish the assignment it took me on a long trip of revelation that took through past civilisations and ceremonies and back to Babylon, the home of Islam.