Shocking and Shameful Incident in Karachi

By | February 7, 2017

As of late, the Pashtuns are undermined with the US’s cross outskirt strikes into tribal towns in quest for psychological militants, and in addition with US ramble assaults that frequently kill pure regular people. It ought to shock no one, then, that numerous Pashtuns are distinguishing and identifying with the religious talk and devotion of the Taliban’s mullahs and al-Qaeda’s charming pioneers.

Poor discretion and socially uncaring approaches towards the Pashtuns have ended up being the US’s achilles mend in Afghanistan. On the off chance that Obama looks to alter the course of the war, he should keep away from the terrible strategies started by President Bush.

Cornering the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the tribal zones will be an unsuccessful military move if the US doesn’t win the regard and support of the Pashtun individuals. A surge of up to 20,000 fighters will just urge the Pashtuns to protect their way of life and religion from outside impacts.

Obama ought to participate in predictable discoursed with Pashtun pioneers with an end goal to build up a relationship of common collaboration. Tuning in to the feelings of trepidation and worries of the Pashtuns can help Obama swing the pendulum far from the Taliban and into the US’s court, a move definitely expected to convey strength to Afghanistan.