Most SHOCKING Video Ever

By | February 6, 2017

Hot on their heels, respectable notices should likewise go to Aks stunningly downplayed Neela Aasman, noori’s clank pop flawlessness Tum Hans Diyae, Junoon’s superb Garaj Baras, Sajjad Ali with Teri Yaad, Aamir Zaki’s canny and sharp People Are People, EP’s piledriving Hum Ko Aazma, Najam’s vastly snappy !

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Jaisay Chaho Jiyo and Aao Wahan Chalain, Ali Zafar’s startling Chanoo ki Ankh, Jal’s magnificent addat and yes even Ali Haider’s dull yet at the same time significantly melodic Chandi Ratain. Abrar’s Preeto was the curiosity hit of the year. The Pepsi Battle of the Bands made an incredible showing with regards to in hurling an abundance of ability. EP, Aaroh, Brain Massala, Messiah, Schahzad Hameed and others all have Pepsi to thank. The Pepsi Battle of the Bands got all these juvenile groups incredible presentation.

As of late, a group of gifted Pakistani performers and craftsmen took the long street to Mumbai, by means of Dubai, potentially to impact the world forever, for this was the first run through in late memory that Pakistanis had gone to India to make the foundation score for a Bollywood film. The film being referred to is Pooja Bhatt’s Paap, and previous Vital Sign Shehzad “Shahi” Hasan, cinematographer Faisal Rafi, artist Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and studio session player and keyboardist Faiz Ali Naqvi, were the foursome speaking to the universe of Pakistani music in India.

Strings appreciated impressive accomplishment with Dhaani. Likely the most advertised collection of the year, with lead single Chaaye being the champion top choice. String gave the soundtrack for Spiderman 2 which was an exceptional exertion.