Shocking Video that made the whole world

By | January 25, 2017

Be that as it may, the present exertion, war against Islamic fundamentalist or jihadists, has demonstrated unsuccessful. The most serious threat at present is not Al Qaeda, LeT, HuM and JI, but rather “exceptionally politicized type of Islam”. The fundamental main driver of psychological oppression is not destitution or US outside arrangement, but rather a convincing political belief system.

Fear based oppressors were not driven by neediness or unemployment, but rather by radical Islamic belief system (Dr.P.Sakthivel, Tackling Terrorism AnModernizing the Madarasas or modifying Islamic instruction, by presenting western and mainstream training, would be the best answer for the present hazard of fear based oppression, that all the Southeast Asian countries are confronting the issue at present.

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Debilitating radical adaptation of Islamic belief system by showing the quality of majority rules system is more sturdy arrangement. It is advantageous to specify here the fair development in this district is extremely frail. For that, the West and different nations should work at building comprehensive social orders that are to be free from radical Islamic belief system.

Starting in the ahead of schedule to-mid 1990s the Al Qaeda fear monger organize made critical advances into the Southeast Asia area. The essential errand was, to setup neighborhood cells, dominatingly headed by Arab individuals from Al Qaeda that filled in as territorial workplaces supporting the system’s worldwide operations.