the shooting from the Israeli police on the Palestine women

By | December 31, 2016

The utilization of political psychological warfare in this setting is an equivalent word for state supported fear mongering. Moreover Western is auto-antagonistic and does not how to face this insurrection. Islam contrasts in feeling being better than the West, while reality exhibits distinctive conventions and political points of view.

The world vision and the secularism perspective of the West are dubious in its tension to give exact reaction to these Islamic debates. This dynamic world is presently confronting with a worldwide a natural world: the Islam arrange.

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While the Western has fought all real belief systems for another law based resource, abruptly this feeling of triumph is confronting an old custom which has its own energy on what we have rejected: God.

We no longer have a Frederick II Hohenstaufen as a behavioral model. We have our poor narrow minded confidence against a religious one, which can bring an internal assumption and assurance contrasting with the nothing we offer to overcome Muslim soul and change their way to another wilderness.