Slaughtering of camel goes horribly

By | January 2, 2017

Of those Big Questions vital to philosophical ideas that encompass life, the universe and everything, the domains of philosophy and religions and the way of gods keep on fascinating. Feelings multiply in books, articles, recordings, discussions in bars and bars, and in truth anyplace and wherever at least two people are in nearness. There’s the ace side; there’s the counter side. There aren’t an excessive number of fence-sitters. I’m still in the counter camp as the accompanying odds and ends represent.

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*There have been and are a large number of fundamentally unrelated religions all through the world. As inferred, not these religions can be right. There have been and are along these lines a great many fundamentally unrelated gods adored all through the world. As suggested, not these divinities can be right. Thusly, a hefty portion of these religions/divinities probably been creations of and by the human personality.

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Consequently these/those gods that fall under that classification have been made in the picture of man and not the other way around. Since the majority of the True Believers in each and these religions will assert that every single other religion with the exception of theirs are man-made innovations/manufactures, what chances that all are man-made since everything except one must be man-made and no one can concede to which one that is?

Also likely – that 999 out of 1000 religions are immaculate human innovations and along these lines mental substances and hence that one religion is a truly genuine reality forced all things considered in, or that every one of the 1000 religions are humanly gotten from the back to front? Don’t the Mormons trust Christianity and Islam are false religions? Don’t Muslims trust Christians and the Mormons are hallucinating? Don’t Christians expose the Mormon and in addition the Islamic religion?