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By | January 7, 2017

It is connected in the Gospels how the Master transmuted water into wine, duplicated rolls and angles, and strolled on water- – all of which were signs of the connected standards of speculative chemistry, the Hermetic logic – or maybe these occasions were all purposeful anecdotes passing on some otherworldly instructing.

Speculative chemistry is characterized as a craft of transmutation and precipitation- – the changing of base metals into gold. The work of catalytic transmutation is assigned as “the Labor of the Sun.” This “Eye of Ra” typically speaks to the flawlessness with which Nature is progressively unfurling in her manifestations. At the physical level the Sun of Perfection is spoken to by gold.

Speculative chemistry is the science and workmanship which hurry the manifestations of Nature to accomplish flawlessness at their own particular individual level. Gold is the flawlessness accomplish by metals and minerals. Minerals, be that as it may, are additionally taking after a different line of flawlessness – that of its capacity to support life and cognizance. Furthermore, Man, the zenith of natural life, is advancing to the state where he gets flawlessness in Divine Self-Awareness.

From the above it can be abridged that speculative chemistry is the specialty of raising vibrations of a protest keeping in mind the end goal to rush its advancement or development into a higher expression or state.