A Snake Was About To Eat These Baby Rabbits

By | January 10, 2017

In that early advancement of dialect [I] signifies “eye,” {S] is the image for “soul” or “light.” “Mama” is “mother,” as despite everything it is and [l] or [el] signifies “god.” ‘I-s-mama el’ implies, in this manner, ‘eye of light-mother god.’

Other related sounds are [r], [ah], [r], and [ra] which signifies “power” and “beam” is a subordinate for either a beam of light or a beam of warmth. “Mari” or “Mary,” signifies ‘mother’s capable eye’ and that was the name given to the sun-star of Babylon.

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In a dream a gathering of individuals were accumulated on a slope best gazing at a stone with a gap in it pointed towards the rising sun. As the beam went through it they scattered into the wonderful rainbow hued rings of movement. Fundamental to them was the privilege calculated cross.

The general population were in amazement and they tumbled to their knees. Men chose they could “wed” Mary and ascend with the sun at first light to end up father divine beings in paradise. That is the place the idea of that being has originated from. Since they were so enchanted with her human ladies were set aside are still observed as an offense. That is the reason many are constrained into head scarves and berkers.