snake swallows man alive

By | December 24, 2016

This gathering, race, tribe, country, or whatever you get a kick out of the chance to call them assembled and lived in Babylon. They were forceful intruders of each country state around them including Sumer, Egypt, Mesopotamia and all through the Mediterranean before vanquishing focal Europe, Britain, Africa and Asia to the Indian outskirt.

They were enslavers, killers and Islamic. Their main god was the sun and they manufactured ziggurats to love it as the sun-star that drag the name ‘Mama r-i’, which signifies ‘mother’s intense eye’. A few men passed on crosses at first light to “wed” her, in this way the term. Ladies were worthless as they couldn’t contend with her. This was the begin of patriarchy.

Their next city of note was Mari, found 11 km northwest of Abu Kabal in Syria. Ninevah, another of note, was additionally centered around sun love and is of generally a similar age. It had a library from which records were rescued including stories of the colossal surge, creation in six days and different things identified with the Old Testament.

In Italy they assembled their next Capital, Roma, the switch of Amor. This was their most celebrated stage with their new name, Romans. Their horrible, coldblooded, and ruling ways knew no limits as they raised urban areas of their adversaries to the ground, butchered the vast majority of the occupants and oppressed those sufficiently fortunate to be saved. In Jerusalem the sanctuary was demolished as the gold and other sacrosanct items were seized and used to back the working of the Colosseum.