snake Trying To Go Inside Grave

By | December 18, 2016

Copyright infringement was fit as a fiddle in the Roman world when Constantine built up his religion, the Roman Catholic Church, and imagined Jesus Christ as its Savior. The name “Jesus” is gotten from the old term for “Soul” and the character of the genuine God. Initially it was ‘I-s’ or ‘eye of light’. The term was multiplied for strength into ‘Is-is’ or ‘Issi’. Later the letter [J] was included making it ‘j-sister’s which got to be ‘Jesus’. The confirmation of this is in the accompanying entry concerning the most recent days.

“What’s more, it might be at that day, saith God, that thou shalt call me Issi; and shalt call me no more Ba-al-I”. Hosea 2:16To better comprehend the significance of this prescience one needs to do a reversal to Babylon and to the cause of the killed deliverer of that city whose name was ‘Ba-al-li’.

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It signifies “bull” and the notorious figure of the bull god-man stands tall in Ninevah where it is delineated with the wings of a blessed messenger, the leader of a man and the body of the mammoth. It was the model of what the Father God of their influence resembled. It was additionally the start of patriarchy.

The executed mates of the Mother God, Mari (Mary), kicked the bucket at day break to ascend with the sun and “mary” or “wed” her. She is the lady depicted as “BABYLON THE GREAT” and “the Mother of Harlots and detestations of the earth” in Revelation 17:5. Her star is seen when the beams of the sun go through a little opening and detonates into the interminably moving rings of rainbow hued superbness. Vital to it is the privilege calculated cross when seen at sunrise.