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By | December 18, 2016

A few researchers trust that religion is an “authoritative opinion” and that, accordingly, it is the greatest obstruction before science. Without a doubt, this is an extraordinary misguided judgment. Absolutely, the judgments of religion are not logical judgments but rather esteem judgments. Like all esteem judgments, they are additionally creeds.Logical judgments” will be judgments which are checked by experimentation, that is, their truths are demonstrated by investigations.

“Esteem judgments”, then again, are judgments which for the most part can’t be tested upon, which many individuals decidedly consider to be genuine and right, and to which religion, state or any group allot esteem.In any case, religious esteem judgments have an essential contrast from the qualities which people allocate to items and occasions (like the esteem on cash) There are no contentions between fundamental estimations of religion with logical judgments as the both qualities are appointed by Allah (swt).

who likewise allots the estimations of material domain. In actuality, there is an extraordinary consistency between them. Them two uncover the all inclusive truths of all circumstances in their particular fields (science in the field of material occasions and religion in the field of human practices).

Accordingly, in spite of what a few researchers trust, religious judgments never struggle with logical judgments. Despite what might be expected, each new finding of science tentatively uncovers how much legitimate, precise and reasonable religious judgments are. It must be known here, obviously, that we allude to Islam which is the main religion in seeing Allah, which framed the center of every single radiant religion and which has been conveyed to humankind through the dispatchers of Allah (swt) since the season of the primary individual.