Snakes appear from grave

By | January 4, 2017

The introduction of our darling Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) child of “Abdullah” occurred in the very city of Prophet Abraham as the solution for his supplication. Prophet Muhammad spread the message of genuine monotheism for twenty three years, it is a similar message that Prophet Abraham and all other Prophet accompanied – and set up the law of GOD over all the law and guidelines made by men.

To make this word most importantly “GOD incomparable”, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) extended each exertion and the triumph of this exertion finished on the day when Muhammad crushed the icons inside the place of GOD and along these lines the place of GOD by and by turned into the all inclusive community for the admirers of one genuine GOD.

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Our lives are loaded with inquiries, a considerable lot of which are difficult to reply. Why are we conceived? Why do we kick the bucket? How did the world appear? Why is there misery and enduring on the planet and in addition satisfaction and love? Religions are sets of thoughts and convictions that attempt to comprehend these secrets. As a rule, they additionally offer principals by which individuals ought to experience their lives.

The main religions were soul religions devoted to the many spirits or divine forces of nature. Soul religions were not composed down, but rather utilized stories and myths to clarify the world. Today there are a wide range of religions, each with its own particular god or divine beings. Two of the real religions: Islam and Christianity. The third, Hinduism, has numerous divine beings.