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By | December 6, 2016

 Muslim elites disregard IslamThe super rich and amazingly effective leaders of some Muslim nations can overlook Islamic educating and do whatever they wish. Emirati rulers spend luxuriously at remote lodgings and club, Middle Eastern extremely rich people enjoy a wide range of natural delights and numerous Muslims living in western nations disregard the Qur’an out and out.Muslims treat different devotees inadequately

From the wretched states of vagrant laborers in Middle Eastern nations, to the dynamic antagonistic vibe between various Muslim organizations, numerous Muslims don’t take after the basic summon that adherents treat devotees right. The destitution pervasive in many parts of the Muslim world and the disappointment of Muslim forces to remain in solidarity with mistreated Islamic devotees, (for example, China’s Uighurs) would doubtlessly practice the Prophet.

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On the off chance that you went to a Christian and said to him: ” Jesus is Muslim”. He may gaze at you and say: ” Are you joking me? How would you say that Jesus is Muslim?!! Jesus is really a Jew who came 600 years before Islam.”This should be his prompt answer since he doesn’t comprehend what Islam is. Islam is just telling that there is just a single God.

He is just God whom we ought to love and go to and there is no other God next to Him. He is God who sent His prophets to the world to educate individuals regarding Him. God sent Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Muhammad and numerous different prophets (Peace be upon them all). Every one of these prophets came to show individuals about God and guide them to God’s correct way.

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