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By | November 26, 2016

Jahurul Islam’s altruist disposition likewise reflected in the organizations’ surroundings, since it gave best workplace to the staff. The extremely uncommon offices gave by any privately owned business was offered by Islam gathering and its sister concerns, for example, restorative offices, arrangement for benefits, mischance pay, at work preparing and so on.

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Despite the fact that the organization has been partitioned into three distinct parts now – Islam Groups, Navana and Aftab Group, after the demise of Jahurul Islam; each of the three organizations appreciates the brands of being top organizations of the nation. Every one of the three gatherings still takes after the rationality, morals, commitment deserted by the considerable Jahurul Islam.

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As a specialist, as well as an individual, Jahurul Islam is an icon for eras to take after. He has abandoned immense motivation in his life history for trying future eras of business visionaries.His assorted mindsets that brought on his prosperity are uncommon. His energy as a specialist in the market based economy made him an awesome pioneer.

His state of mind about the world in general and the advancement of the nation made him a kind rationalist. His authority qualities were noteworthy, his philosophical perspective was outstanding; and the blend of both made him a fruitful man. He took business area of Bangladesh to a more elevated amount.