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By | December 22, 2016

The Oil and oil stream is the main characteristic source accessible which would represent the deciding moment a country’s quality. I trust that any nation which controls, Oil Flow would control the world. Presently let me share my perspectives in the matter of what I truly mean with OEM. I feel that any country which would control Oil would have prosperous and solid economy; and which inturn will make intense Military.

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Hence, development of one fixing is straightforwardly proportionate to other. Or maybe, I would state that the advance and development of one part is streaming out of the quality and security of other. I, in this manner, see the accompanying relationship among Oil, Economy and Military.

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One; Control of Oil would give a country freedom of using, moving, transporting and working her normal, fake and Human assets to the most extreme potential;Two; most extreme unitization and outrageous misuses of nation’s asset would make the State’s economy prosperous and solid; and

· Three; Strong economy require assurance and wellbeing in each field. It not just requires shielding her land domains and oversea financial interests of claim state; additionally of neighborly nations, in this way conceiving the necessity of capable Military. I would put the USA arrangements in light of my OEM hypothesis.

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