Taiping High School Teacher Strips

By | January 2, 2017

As per the Bibles, God of Mount Sinai has three kids, the Christians, Muslims and Jews. God needs each of his youngsters to execute his other two kids with the goal that God can send his Messiah to bring World Peace. As per these books the best approach to accomplish world peace is to confer the genocide of the billions of men, ladies and kids outside of your gathering.

Our Bibles remunerate our blood desire and let us get on with the matter of slaughtering individuals. We are all Melvin Jones’ going to submit worldwide Jonestown, cherishing the agony and the joy of everything. This is the reason we came to Earth; to encounter the sentiments of outrageous joy and extraordinary agony. Paramour Coulter for President!

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The Earth is a crazy person haven for the criminally crazy. Life on Earth is a lamentable parody going to reach an end, so appreciate each and every moment of it. Go playing golf at Bethpage Black (Mark 11:1 K.J.V.) in New York before the sand traps get to be distinctly dark with radioactive residue from a huge number of Muslim 100 Megaton Nuclear Suicide bombs which they will soon buy with oil dollars from Russia, China and North Korea.

It just took the US and Russia 61 years each from 1945 until today to go from having zero to 25,000 atomic bombs each. Each atomic researcher realizes that Nuclear World War 3 will have zero survivors. This is the reason Jesus said that when he returned he would summon the greater part of his blessed messengers to toss the greater part of their Bibles into the fire, with the exception of the 2 tablets cut in stone by God of Mount Sinai 3,200 years back. (Matt. 13:24-30). Like that will ever happen.

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