The miseries of the Muslims

By | January 22, 2017

I unequivocally see that the jihad of Sheik Uthman dan Fodio which enlivened early jihadist like Ahmadu Seku, Alhaji Umar, Samori Ibn and Lafiya Toure additionally affect you. A basic take a gander at the explanations behind the jihad of Uthman and your own demonstrates a few likenesses. However, I need to state completely that a portion of the explanations behind your battle are certifiable while some are not reasonable.

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Darul Tawheed, the Nigerian state has never made laws to urge ladies to slight their spouses, neither have they prevented ladies from getting hitched. All we have done is to make laws that shield ladies from being dealt with like creatures. They should be taught and not utilized as family utensil. Uthman dan Fodio was firmly vocal in ladies’ training. He brought the ladies out of their homes and place them in one zone and the men in another range and started to routinely address them. My sibling, Nigeria is not blameworthy of this allegation.

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The Nigerian National Assembly paying little heed to every one of the weights from the West as of late sanctioned the Anti-Gay Law, which demonstrates that Nigeria is against lesbianism and homosexualism. I am certain that our pioneers will keep on resisting each inner or outside drive influencing them to authorize these odious demonstrations. I feel we are not blameworthy of this allegation. Likewise, this country has laws that precludes sedate trafficking and assault and a few guilty parties has been appropriately rebuffed.

We are against medication trafficking absolutely and our property restricts assault. Be that as it may, your activities may be sensible in light of the fact that the countries degenerate law requirement specialists and the legal, which some of the time surrender or flip around the law because of impact of pay off. In any case, by the beauty of God all degenerate government authorities will soon be eradicated from Nigeria.