The miseries of the Muslims

By | January 22, 2017

American stronghold is showing noticeable breaks everywhere. Interminable encounter against Islam on ridiculous reason would lead Americans to the final turning point. They will slap their countenances and sob for help however the butchers who have sold their fantasies would demonstrate no benevolence at that time..Write some place on the divider. Americans would soon be controlled by Israeli and Indian coaliton. They are excessively near accomplish that objective..

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I call you sibling not on account of I am the child of your mom or a kindred Muslim sibling. Be that as it may, you are my sibling since we are both Nigerians, in spite of the fact that you have let us know right now that you are the most current Caliph on the planet. Sibling I know you have regard for Usumah container Muhammad receptacle.

Awad canister Ladin (may God Most High concede him into Paradise) and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Husseini Al-Qurashi yet I need to attract your consideration regarding Sheik Uthman dan Fodio (may God Most High concede him into Paradise), the most compelling Islamic researcher in the historical backdrop of Islam in West Africa and presumably Africa since he was nearer to us than the other two jihadists.

Sibling Abu, I know I am not fit the bill to address you since I am not your gauge both in age, riches, size, instruction and popularity. Additionally my devoted association with the “general population of the Book” is an extraordinary drawback in addressing you. Kindly show kindness toward me.