The sale of the girls

By | December 26, 2016

To anybody fit for talking the English dialect President George W. Hedge today declared a Military Draft for The United States of America. President Bush said today, Tuesday December 19, 2006, in the Oval Office, “It is an exact reflection that this ideological war (Christianity versus Islam; Democracy versus Dictatorship) we’re in will keep going for some time and that will require a military that is fit for having the capacity to support our endeavors and to help us accomplish peace.

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I’m slanted to trust that we do need to expand our troops – the Army, the Marines. What’s more, I discussed this to Secretary Gates and he will invest some energy conversing with the people in the building, return with a proposal to me about how to continue forward on this thought.” President Bush said that his choice to expand the measure of the military was accordingly not simply to the war in Iraq, but rather to the more extensive battle against Islamic radicals around the world.

Here is the basic importance in setting of the words talked today by President Bush. Three years prior President Bush declared that he was propelling a “Campaign”. This is the reason Muslims allude to Americans as “Crusaders”. The Crusades were a thousand years prior when the Pope walked his Christian armed force crosswise over Europe slaughtering each Jew in their approach to recover.

The Holy Land, Israel, for Christianity, until the Crusaders stood knee somewhere down in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. So far President Bush has vanquished Muslim Afghanistan and Muslim Iraq and now he is debilitating Muslim Syria and Muslim Iran.