Tiger The Most Dangrous Animal

By | December 18, 2016

The genuine war on ladies exists in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and parts of Africa where female genital mutilation is polished. Where a lady can be stoned to death for being assaulted unless (at least) 4 male witnesses say it was truly assault. Else she was a ready member. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked by Afghanistan ladies not to forsake them to the Taliban when the U.S. hauls out of the nation in 2014. Under Islam’s Sharia Law ladies can’t drive, vote, work or leave the home without their better half’s consent and without a male relative going with them. They should conceal so they won’t “entice” men and must submit to sexual requests of their significant other.

In the May/June 2012 issue of Foreign Policy Magazine, an article titled “Why Do They Hate Us,” Mona Eltahawy composes: “Name me an Arab nation, and I’ll present a reiteration of misuse powered by a lethal blend of culture and religion that few appear to be eager or ready to unravel or they revile or outrage.

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At the point when more than 90 percent of ever-hitched ladies in Egypt – including my mom and everything except one of her six sisters – have had their privates cut for the sake of humility, then unquestionably we should all revile. At the point when Egyptian ladies are subjected to embarrassing ‘virginity tests’ only to speak out, it’s no time for hush.” The Egyptian criminal code even says that if a lady has been beaten by her better half “with great aims” no corrective harms can be acquired.

The UN gauges “respect killings” of ladies number in the thousands in the Middle East every year.To top it all off, while transparently denouncing this treatment of ladies, we are really supporting it. As a nation, we purchase about $200 billion of oil every year from OPEC nations subsidizing the majority of the legislatures (sheikdoms) focused on this genuine war on ladies.