Tiger vs Anaconda

By | December 25, 2016

The organization of Shia marriage includes Pillars (“Arkan”) and “Statutes” (“Ahkam”). The mainstays of marriage are “Sigha” (Formula) and “Mahall” (Persons). Different branches of Islam have extra columns with respect to Guardianship and Witnesses, yet these are not by any stretch of the imagination pertinent to Shia relational unions.

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The “Sigha” (Formula) expresses that marriage is a sanctioned contract (“‘aqd”). There is an announcement (“ijab”) by the lady that she proposes to get hitched to a man and acknowledgment (“qabul”) by the man to take her as his significant other.

The “Mahall” (Persons) sets down guidelines when a lady and man can not wed. Marriage is not permitted between a Muslim lady and a non-Muslim man, with blood relatives, with relations by marriage, with two sisters, with a non-permanent mother who wet medical attendants a tyke, if the man as of now has four spouses, if the man and lady have been already separated and the lady has not remarried and separated.

Marriage statutes incorporate Dower (“Mahr”), Support (“Nafaqa”) and Annulment (“Faskh”). The Dower/Dowry can be as money, property or different resources that have a place with the spouse. The Dower is given to the spouse at the season of the marriage. Bolster demonstrates how the spouse is dealt with (counting sustenance, garments, shield, and so on) once she lives with her better half.