TOP 10 Eagle attacks

By | January 12, 2017

This picture was portrayed through openings when the sun go behind them and from mountain tops as it crossed the sky. The seven unmistakable hues made the number hallowed thus there are seven days in a week and the number 7 is communicated in the seven pointed star that sits over the legislators generally. It was from this source man removed his laws and the lifestyles.

The Mother God was a trinity of earth, sun and light and 3 times 7 is 21, the time of assent in numerous social orders right up ’til today. Her name is ‘Mama r-i’ which signifies ‘moms capable eye’ and that is “Mary” in English. Constantine changed her status from Mother God to Mother of God when he concocted Jesus Christ and built up the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD.

This is the colossal complexity and something that has brought on the perplexity, fear based oppression, wars, starvation and what is reaching end it.

The female divine force of Islamic birthplaces began through the child of Abraham, Ismal. The turn around of the last part of the name makes it Islam. He was charged by God to go forward and be the father of an awesome country and it began in Babylon, the origin of the religion. It was called Zoro Aster which implies morning star.