Turkish Soldiers Being Treated Muslim

By | December 28, 2016

What’s more, we in Sydney, Australia have been totally made up for lost time in this! In spite of the way that the Twin Towers assault happened on the opposite side of the world and that none of us were really there, we in any case thought about this all literally, and have henceforth been included in the retaliatory strikes against Iraq and Afghanistan, and Australian troops, alongside their American partners, keep on dieing in these nations.

Thus we wind up attempting to concentrate ourselves from the mess of the now-crushed nation of Iraq, as we end up pondering what we are currently doing in Afghanistan, as we fear the likelihood of new dangers opening up against the country of Iran (God disallow) – a contention that we implore won’t occur yet which we fear, on the off chance that it did, we would become involved with as well.

Also, behind this horrid picture of worldwide military savagery and political control lies what I consider to be a darker reality still – in particular, a growing pressure that crosses national limits – an approaching war between two of the world’s most noteworthy religions: Christianity and Islam.

Who might have thought nine years back that we today in Sydney, Australia, would live in regularly expanding doubt of our Muslim neighbors – in neighboring Indonesia as well as inside our own urban areas and rural areas!