Tv pr naa dikhaya janay wla interview

By | January 4, 2017

There is an entry in the Quran that can be translated to imply that backsliders like myself ought to be murdered however I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that not each Muslim deciphers that section in that way since I’m a renegade and – astonish, I have not been executed. My Muslim family acknowledges my absence of confidence. They don’t denounce me. They don’t deprecate me. They don’t pester at me. They essentially acknowledge it since they are great individuals.

Obviously, I have my own particular elucidation of what “great individuals” implies. Being tolerant and tolerating of those that are distinctive is my concept of “good individuals”. There are Muslims who bolster gay marriage, trust it or not. There are even Muslims who are gay themselves, trust it or not.

I know from my own life and my own particular eyes that there are great Muslims in this world who are tolerant and tolerating of those that are distinctive to them. What’s more, tragically, I additionally realize that there are nonbelievers who are not tolerant or tolerating of those that are distinctive to them. Skeptics who might paint each religious adherent with a similar negative brush.

Fundamentalist agnostics who might denounce all non-nonbelievers similarly that fundamentalist adherents would censure all non-devotees. Agnostics like Dawkins, Harris and every one of their extremists that would hurry to safeguard them.