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Muslim victory of the locales and constant lead for around 500 years helped spreading Islam in the district first Arab merchants in the area, began first by Arab dealers and teachers in the eleventh century. Before sixteenth century’s over Europeans began arriving. By advancing conspiracy and by method for tumults and battling, Robert Clive of East India Company won the clash of palassy.

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which presented the historical backdrop of British control in 1757 and proceeded till 1947 when the subcontinent was apportioned into and Pakistan and the domain involving Bangladesh framed the eastern wing of Pakistan. The general population of the then East Pakistan pronounced freedom on 26th March, 1971 and won a 9-nine month long war of autonomy and got to be distinctly autonomous on sixteenth December, 1971.

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It is clear from the previous history that they used to adventure us in various routes for which they planned the strategies to disrespect us in oppressive mentalities with which our kin pronounced development on 21st February and being upset, they challenged their states of mind and affections for animosity and misruling. The development of 21st February was just a tumult against the abuse of assets in this nation which was their protest possess some how.

They needed to make Urdu as their state dialect as in they got a kick out of the chance to expand their hands for misuse in regard of financial aspects, business, dialect, training and customary angles required in social and social life. Like British Empire, they needed to torment in regard of mental, physical, political and social perspectives instilled in our average citizens independent of standing and statement of faith.

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