By | January 26, 2017

There was an incredible vagueness in the middle of the measuring of qualities made between the two nations and not just that if there should be an occurrence of import and fare of our items, such equivocalness was generally renewed. They drove their endeavors to smother us each time in the field of financial aspects, exchange and trade imbued in like manner life.

Bangladesh got to be distinctly autonomous and sovereign state after an incredible call for freedom battle which was made after the merciless crackdown of the Pakistani Armed strengths at midnight of 25th March, 1971 on the blameless individuals of what was then East Pakistan. The battle for freedom proceeded for around 9 months till the Pakistani occupation powers surrendered on sixteenth December, 1971. From that point forward, 26th March is praised as the National and Independence Day and the sixteenth December has been perceived as the Victory Day.

That is to state, our Bangladesh has been developing on 9 months battle and on 16 December it got to be without adversary state ever. We turned out to be free and we accomplished autonomy. The Pakistani rulers did not consent to our sovereign but rather they battled against the blameless individuals to grab away the privilege of our kin and they were vanquished and we won triumphantly.

The armed forces of Pakistani rulers have taken away the lives of our important assets which are our respectable scholarly and savvy men of this holy soil. It was a deplorable deed and the world had never bolstered this. The region involving Bangladesh was occupied by the proto-Australoids and the proto-Mongoloid, later blended by the Dravidians, Aryans and Mongolians.