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By | January 26, 2017

Cell phone industry is developing in Pakistan and as time goes by it continues expanding and have a potential. However with the expanding potential is the expansion in road violations, pulling in muggers to just bring up weapon towards any progressing individual, and transform him into a casualty by denying him of his PDA. In this way in a developing business sector it gangs a hazard and needs to look for measure.

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Psychological warfare could be the best device or toy the self-important states could utilize to threaten guiltless individuals. It has turned into a universal standard to copy the Western and Indian media revealing and make investigations entirely as indicated by their attitudes; any deviation or redirection from the “standard thing” ways is opposed and gravely denounced by their worldwide operators.

My perspectives not adjusting to Indian or US media modes are, in this way, have not been processed by a couple select Hindu companions who other insightful read me frequently wherever I figure out how to get them distributed. On Mumbai psychological warfare, a portion of the feedback made by them is as awful as the fear monger acts themselves.

They can’t stand my unyieldingly declining to assault Pakistan as the Indian and US media religiously do, or as the Israeli media intricately unravel the “Islamic fear mongering” in their own particular manners. From the expressions these Indians mention about my objective facts on Mumbai Nov26 uncover a probability that some of them have recently gotten away from some mental healing center without finishing the treatment. I just pity them.